Ethical dilemmas – 2

More ethical dilemmas…

Is it better to put window envelopes in the landfill rubbish or in with the paper recycling, if you don’t have time to tear or cut out the windows? But then if you stay up all night with the lights on, separating the envelopes from the windows, that uses more energy in your home.  How do you compare the environmental impact of not recycling an envelope versus the light being on for a few extra minutes  – and maybe the heating too if it’s winter?

What about disposing of low energy light bulbs which contain toxic chemicals? What is the total life cycle environmental footprint of a low energy bulb?

Saving fuel is good for climate change around the world, but what if that uek saving means you pollute the air with particulates, which could make people ill in the area where you drive?

Carbon emissions could be reduced by nuclear power but there’s the risk of a meltdown or leak, and waste that is radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years. Which is worse? And what about the carbon footprint of building and maintaining the nuclear power station?

Is it better for the environment to buy non-organic local produce or organic produce from another part of the country, or abroad; or flowers grown in tropical sunshine and flown over, as opposed to being grown in a heated greenhouse in Europe?

Should you buy fair trade or organic bananas, if you can only find one or the other?

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