Carbon offsetting schemes – fundamentally flawed or responsible?

Are carbon offsetting schemes “fundamentally flawed” or a growing trend in responsible travel?

To get a balanced picture from this article, our reader needs to be patient and determined – none of this “limited attention span” stuff we hear so much about, please. After the positive title and 500 or so upbeat words, a few doubts finally emerge… Some of the carbon offsetting schemes are apparently “incredibly murky” and Responsible Holidays abandoned offsetting a decade ago. The idea that offsetting might be a “quick fix” is suggested.

It’s all very complicated to follow how offsetting works but it’s not a fig leaf at all, apparently. That’s a metaphorical fig leaf, although there are probably still some real fig leaves left, depending on when you are reading this.

At the very end of the article there is a clear statement about affiliate links and journalistic independence.

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